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学生フォーミュラ2019:全車両カタログ E24:UNIVERSITAS GADJAH MADA

  • 2019/09/04
  • Motor Fan illustrated編集部

フレーム構造 Steal spaceframe
ボディ材 Fiber-glass
サスペンション Double unequal length A-arm Push rod(F/R)
全長×全高 2914 mm × 1253 mm
軸距 1090 mm
輪距(前/後) 1090/1280 mm
重量(前後比) 300 kg(38:62)
最低地上高 70 mm
ホイール/タイヤ Front:13 inch OZ Formula Student Alluminium 4H Wheel Rear:13 inch Ultralite Wheels 130/430-10 DUNLOP Bias
モーター型式、型番、個数 Brushless DC Motor(BLDC), Emrax 208( LV), 1unit
定格出力(連続) 20-30[kW]
最高出力 80[kW]
最大トルク 150[Nm]
バッテリ Li-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt
公称電圧/最大電圧 3,7 V/88,8 V
公称容量 021 kwh/75 Ah
変速機 No shifter
最終減速機 ShaftTorsen
ブレーキ Tokico 4 Piston Radial Calipers/Wilwood Dynalite Billet Single Brake Caliper
特記事項 Good manuverabiity and ergonomics

■ 車の特徴とチームの抱負
Arjuna EV is the Formula Student team of Universitas Gadjah Mada for electric class. Founded in 2012, we have created many inovations for Indonesia’s electrical vehicle technology. As the pioneer of formula EV car in Indonesia, this year will be our second times to participate in FSAE Japan. Over all, the performativity of our car would be much better than previous years which is lighter, better aerodynamics, and better manuverability.

Car No.:E24
Total score:49.93
Cost Score:2.00
Presentation Score:60.93
Design Score:37.00
Acceleration Score:
Skid Pad Score:
Autocross Score:
Endurance Score:
Efficiency Score:
Endurance and Efficiency Score:0.00

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