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学生フォーミュラ2019:全車両カタログ E20:Jilin University

  • 2019/09/04
  • Motor Fan illustrated編集部

フレーム構造 composit monocoque
ボディ材 Fiber-Carbon
サスペンション Double unequal length A-arm Push rod(F/R)
全長×全高 2850 mm × 1180 mm
軸距 1575 mm
輪距(前/後) 1250/1220 mm
重量(前後比) 240 kg(45:55)
最低地上高 30 mm
ホイール/タイヤ 13 inch OZ.Racing 205/470R13 Continental C19
モーター型式、型番、個数 EMRAX 208, ABC123 ,2unit
定格出力(連続) 80[kW]
最高出力 40[kW]
最大トルク 140[Nm]
バッテリ Li-ion
公称電圧/最大電圧 364.8 V/390 V
公称容量 7.66 kwh
変速機 None
最終減速機 Plannetary gear reducer
ブレーキ 2 outboard(F/R)
特記事項 3rd spring suspension, ABS, TCS

■ 車の特徴とチームの抱負
Jilin University Gspeed Electric Formula Vehicle Team is established in 2015. The team adheres to the people-oriented development concept and aims to cultivate innovative talents with international vision. For the first time in the 18th season, the team developed a carbon fiber composite single-shell body, an anti-lock braking system with electronic brake distribution (ABS+EBD), and a planetary gear reducer. We will explore advanced racing designs to create fi rst class racing and talent.

Car No.:E20
Total score:250.32
Cost Score:0.00
Presentation Score:41.40
Design Score:107.00
Acceleration Score:62.21
Skid Pad Score:44.78
Autocross Score:88.93
Endurance Score:6.00
Efficiency Score:
Endurance and Efficiency Score:6.00

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